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Gifting, Donations, and Crowd-funding are familiar words now. Here, everyone is getting opportunities to become entrepreneurs, no need to worry when you lack money!!!

Donation mlm plan | gift mlm plan | help mlm plan

In donation and helping systems, people help each other to meet everyone's dreams. Everyone will get the benefits, and thereby help each other. Giving and Receiving are the two concepts of gifting plan. In an efficient gifting comp plan software, these terms can be changed to Provide help and Accept help, or Give help and receive help. The donation plan providers use different namings based on their business strategies.

Features of Cloud MLM Gift Plan Software

  • Administration Module
  • Single or Multiple Assurance Amount
  • All Input/ Output Details
  • Control Storage Fund
  • Contributor Management
  • Control help Link Auto or Manual
  • Help purchase history

  • Impending help purchase
  • Accept Help purchase
  • Reject Help purchase
  • Control One to Many and Many to One Request Send Help Link
  • Re-Assign Rejected Help purchase
  • Bank Receipt upload facility
  • Member Control Module

How does MLM Gift Plan Work?

The MLM gift plan is also known as Donation Plan or help plan. It is an alternative of money gifting. Here an individual takes the benefit by Gifting or Donating to others. Clearly,y this is a type of “give and take” concept. This plan is also known as money order plan. Actually, this is not a multi-level marketing concept. The fundamental idea is to send a gift to one user and receive multiple gifts from many other users. So every user will be profited with multiple gift receipts from other users. Users will deposit or gift directly to other users as the system shows. The company can charge an amount for the administrative expenses and for the registration charges. This plan can be many levels.

Advantages of MLM Gift Plan over other plans

  • The ability to decide how to receive your money – daily, weekly, monthly or longer.
  • The autonomy over your money through Paypal, AlertPay or Solid Trust Pay.
  • Much lower time requirements and differing fiscal requirements.
  • People are likely to use the services on a regular basis, even after the initial flush of success has faded.
  • Re-Assign Rejected Help purchase
  • Gifting plans with low buy will attract more people.

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