We are experienced and expert in RD and FD MLM software plan Development. As you already know RD means Recurring Deposit and FD means Fixed Deposit. In FD (Fixed deposit) scheme member need to deposit the money to the company for fixed time period such as one year or two year and after the maturity they will get the amount with interest as per rules and in RD, member deposit particular amount in installment like daily, monthly or on weekly basis as per terms and after it reaches maturity, member gets deposited money with interest.

Binary MLM Plan

To manage all the functionality of RD and FD scheme, company needs a very consistence and functional MLM software and Omega Software's is one of the companies who offers MLM RD / FD plan software or Mini Banking MIS Software with of very high quality in all over India.

Fatures Of RD FD Plan

  • Report to manage RD / FD scheme
  • Money Deposit receipt printing
  • Easy money Deposit Process
  • RD / FD scheme maturity report
  • Penalty calculator
  • RD / FD scheme reporting

Some Key Features of the Plan

  • The variety offered by these plans is immense and people having different income patterns can easily shortlist one and start investing in one which they feel comfortable.
  • Regular small investments on monthly basis or large one-time investments all are possible with these plans.
  • The RD-FD-MIS schemes become transparent and reliable with more people trusting these when software is regulating each activity to give perfect money and member management.
  • The flexible nature of these schemes also gives benefit and scope of income to people having different future financial requirements.
  • These flexible very beneficial schemes give every person a good investing option with good returns possible depending on the investment.
  • A solid one time investing option is given by the FD plan where people make one time investment of their funds to gain huge returns after a set fixed time.

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