About Us

A Software company, with an edge above the rest, is what Dunitech Soft Solutions is. We are software Solutions Company based in Lucknow, our strategy is working with our clients to design simple, creative, and cost effective solutions for their businesses.

About Dunitech

We work with the client, rather than for the client, because we understand that your business is very different from others, so are your needs. We believe in developing the most-creative solutions for various business needs. Our experts are the best in the business with diverse experience in their respective fields. Our talented developers employ the best technologies to deliver globally competent solutions for our clients. We believe in developing a long lasting bond with the client.

Our solutions are a perfect blend of expert knowledge and creativity. We have developed expertise in various areas of software development and web-based services. Irrespective of your location across the globe, we provide you our expert services by employing the power of the most advanced technologies. We offer highly competent services to take care of your business needs. We can proudly say that, our team can provide you the best solution every time.

What We Do

We offer services to our clients in diverse areas of web designing and software development. We create customized products for our clients that are efficient and cost-effective. We aim at providing the best technologies and services to our clients. You can focus more on your business while we take care of the technology required to run it effectively and efficiently.

Advancements in internet and communication systems have made it very important for any company to have an online presence. The digital consumer needs much more. The website should reflect the core business idea of the company. A website with good contents designed appropriately for the customer as well as secure for the Ecommerce needs is what is required. The website should act as representative of the enterprise and should guarantee that the customers feel connected with it. There is a huge growth in the demand for web-based applications to cater the ever-growing online business. You can trust our team for all your web design needs. We guarantee utmost satisfaction and definite business growth to our customers.

Vision & Values

The core idea behind every project of ours is to surpass the client expectations. Our team works to design products that work for the client rather than the client working according to the software. We want to objective and transaction oriented to achieve fairness in our business. We set our own goals, and work hard to improve ourselves every day, to become the best in the business.